I'm Undercover Cool

I'm undercover cool
11 September
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I am a short, fat, cute chick with an attitude.

This is my place to rant, rave, whine, and complain and I won't lie, I complain about everything.
I'm whiney, sarcastic, funny, bitchy, ditzy, happy, angry and sometimes nice. I'm scatterbrained and disorganized but I'm working on that.
I'm easily distracted so I never get anything done.
I love, love, love to cook and eat and it shows!
I like to take pictures, mainly of my children.
I like to read but not as much as before I had children because I no longer have the attention span for it.
I always read the last few pages of a book before I even start reading it because I'm so impatient and need to know how it ends.
Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do because I love to get lost for a couple of hours in my own little world.
I like to know how the movie is going to end before it even starts so I know what to expect.
I love to shop and buy pretty things, especially shiny things.

Its all about me.

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